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Group processing options


Run in batch mode. Precalculate groups before processing data. `wait' loop mode should not be used with this option. NOTE only JCMT recipes support this option.


Allow the data detection loop to skip missing observations. Default is to stop the loop when an expected file can not be found.


Allow the pipeline to resume midway through the processing of a group. (so long as the recipe/instrument supports this behaviour). Default is for the group file to be deleted when a new group is created. When -resume is set, the group file is retained. NOTE this option is not currently supported by IRCAM, UFTI and SCUBA recipes.


Groups are presumed to be transinet and no longer needed when a new group is created. This is useful when you know that groups can not be broken up. Has no effect in batch mode. Memory usage will be significantly lower if many hundreds of frames and groups are to be processed.

This option is not the same as setting the ORAC_NOGROUPS environment variable. That environment variable disables all group processing whereas this command line option ensures that only a single group is being processed.


All given observations and files are processed in the same group. Be careful in using this option, as sometimes this may not be what you want (i.e. if you're processing ACSIS data at two different frequencies).

The Frame grouping string is not affected.


Forces the grouping string to take the specified value. This means that all frames will be combined into a single group as for "-onegroup" but the grouping string in each Frame will take this value. This is important if the string should end up in output group files (e.g. the ASN_ID in JCMT Science Archive data).

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